Print and Digital Design

PLUTO Statistics Flyer

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I designed this flyer in InDesign, with input from other team members in regards to the text and colors that should be included. The purpose was to promote the PLU Teaching Online program by drawing attention to statistical and qualitative evidence of success. Graphic elements were incorporated to add visual interest to otherwise static figures.

Website Design:

Designed partially as a portfolio of academic writings and partially as a demonstration of HTML, CSS, and design skills, this site features consistent color and structural practices, as well as proper citation for Creative Commons images, all design choices I emphasize in web design workshops. Although I have experience with both Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Muse, I prefer to code HTML and CSS in text processors such as Notepad++, as I did with this site.

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Instruction Design

Illustrator - Shapes

Click here to download pen tool guide for Adobe Illustrator CC 2015

The artboards in this file were created for a series of recurring workshops for a Design Principles class. With advice from the other STT managers at UW–Madison, I conceptualized and implemented the exercise to help students learn to create various shapes. The file was made in Illustrator, and meant to be completed in Illustrator, in order to give students hands-on practice creating various common shapes. The final project involved scanning a hand-drawn, abstract image and digitizing it by creating vector shapes over-top. Students applied the resulting patterns to paper and fabric to create multimedia art projects.

Artboard 1 of the Illustrator-Shapes worksheet
The first artboard is practice creating basic, foundational shapes.

Artboard 2 of the Illustrator-Shapes worksheet
The second artboard demonstrates how to alter basic shapes to create more complex objects.
Artboard 3 of the Illustrator-Shapes worksheet
The third artboard provides a guide to practice basic pen tool techniques.

Artboard 4 of the Illustrator-Shapes worksheet
The fourth artboard has more advanced shapes, and is available in case students complete the first three artboards before the rest of the class.

Steve Sobeck - Ceramics Tutorial

For the production of these instructional ceramics videos, I filmed the footage and audio, edited the video, and created titles and text overlays. Although I normally include some low background music in instructional videos, I decided to forego that in favor of allowing the environmental sounds of the cylinder-throwing process to shine through. As you watch, listen for the whirl of the pottery wheel, the sound of water being splashed and dribbled, and the slaps of hands against the clay. The materiality of the process is highlighted rather than suppressed.

Additional Videos:

InDesign Basics guide

This guide was created in response to requests for an InDesign guide for patrons who have taken my InDesign Basics workshop, as well as a means for me to develop a new template to base future guides off of. Previously all guides were made in Google Docs, which allowed for easy exporting and collaboration but not much control over design. Guides are still written and edited in Google Docs, but the final drafts are done in InDesign, to allow maximum control over the look of the guide.

For this project in particular, I wanted to incorporate design recommendations into the flow, while still making it easy to scan the document and find specific information. The pinned callout boxes allow me to include information that isn't necessarily mandatory, but which is important in using InDesign effectively.

Video Production and Animation

Mortvedt Library Presents: What is Interlibrary Loan?

As part of a series of videos aimed at instructing students in basic library functions, this video is meant to address common questions about interlibrary loan. Because this is an important service that students are encouraged to use, the librarians wanted a video that was short, energetic, and visually stimulating, and didn't rely on voice-over narrations to describe the process. I recorded the video in the library itself, so students would recognize the location and know this video was made just for PLU. The photos come from both me and the marketing department, and represent actual students, faculty, and staff. Some of the graphics were created by me and some were purchased from a stock graphics site.

Additional Example: PLU Summer Sessions

Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Katrina Hay

As part of the monthly Faculty Spotlight project, I produced this video of Professor Katrina Hay explaining the creation and use of a standing lightboard for instructional videos. The interview and classroom footage was filmed using a DSLR camera, digital audio recorder and studio lighting kit, and edited using Adobe Premiere Pro. I incorporated some footage from Dr. Hay's own videos to demonstrate how the lightboard is used, and to highlight the importance of visual explanations for difficult physics concepts.

Although not strictly an instructional object, the Faculty Spotlight videos are important for campus-wide technological integration as they encourage and reward professors who are exploring new learning tools, and hopefully inspire other faculty to do the same. Additionally, they allow me to build relationships with the faculty, which is a cornerstone of providing useful classroom support.

Additional Example: PLU Faculty Spotlight: Dr. David Deacon Joyner

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