Jenna Stoeber

A white woman with windswept brown hair, sitting on a pumpkin in the middle of a pumpkin field. She is holding a pumpkin with a crevasse that makes it look like it has a butt or, arguably, like a character from Among Us. She looks immensely pleased.

|Master's degree in Media and Culture from University of Wisconsin-Madison, specializing in horror media and video game cultures. Now an independent creator, making sometimes smart and sometimes dumb video essays on horror, games, media, and technology.

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|NEW PODCAST ALERT: Big Game Hunger, where me and a guest turn three random prompts into the big next game.

|Burnt Cook Book Party: actual play Pathfinder podcast. Four heroes of varying skills, attractiveness, and stupidity, race against time — and TIME LOOP — to prevent a war.

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I like to hike, knit, and brew beer too! I also coded this whole site by hand. By keyboard? Anyway if something's broken, that's why. It would be cool of you to tell me so I can fix it!